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Bromo Taman Safari Malang Batu city tour 4Days 3Nights

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Bromo Tour Package - This time, we will offer a combination of Bromo tour packages, with safari park tours, and Malang Batu city tours. This package is a combination of nature tourism and educational tourism which is suitable for those of you who are traveling with their main family when you are on vacation with your beloved child. Mainly, when you visit Prigen Safari Park, there we will get to know various types of animals, as well as various animal action performances that have been trained. Of course with this tourist destination, it will provide a new educational and experience, for your children.

In addition, the next tourist destination, we will explore tourist attractions located in Batu City which include the Game Tour Park (BNS), Old Transportation Museum, Apple Plantion and Coban Rondo Waterfall. Of course, with the combination of this tour package, it will give more value, especially when you are traveling with your children.

Bromo Destination program :

  1. View point 1
  2. Bromo crater
  3. Teletubies hill
  4. Whispering sand

Batu Destination program :

  1. Coban rondo water fall
  2. Apel plantion
  3. Old transportation museum
  4. BNS (Batu Night Spectacular)

Taman Safari Destination program :

  1. Safari adventure
  2. Animal show
  3. Carnivore feeding adventure

For more details, we will provide a summary of the itinerary for Bromo Tour Packages - Safari Park - Bromo Malang Batu City Tour 4Days 3Nights :


  • Pick up service in Surabaya or Malang city by private car, heading to Taman Safari Prigen, 
  • Explore various rides in the safari park which will take duration 4 hours.
  • After satisfied, heading to hotel in Batu City area, checkin hotel and free program.


  • Breakfast, and preparation to continue the tour program in Batu City
  • Around 8 O'clock, heading to coban rondo water fall during 30 minute by drive
  • Arrive in parking area of water fall, we walk with destance 500 meters
  • Explore the beauty of coban rondo water fall
  • Efter satisfied, we return to the car, and heading to old transportation museum during 20 minute by drive
  • Entry to old transportation museum for exploring during 4 hours 
  • Back to the hotel, and take rest
  • Around 6 pm, we go around to squer city of Batu for culinary tour and go to BNS (batu night spectacular)
  • Return to hotel and take rest


  • Breakfast, packing and preparation checkout hotel
  • Around 8 o'clock, checkout and heading to apel plantion during 30 minutes by drive
  • Explore and enjoy fresh apples typical of Batu City
  • After satisfied, directly to hotel in bromo area during 4 hours drive
  • Check in hotel and free program


  • Morning call, preparation go to bromo sunrise tour
  • At 3 o'clock, by Jeep we go to view point 1 during 1,5 hour
  • We waiting the sunrise in few minutes
  • Around 5 o'clock, starting enjoying the beauty of bromo sunrise and bromo panoramic from view point on top, after satisfied
  • Return to the Jeep, and we go to bromo sea of sand during 30 minutes
  • Arrive in sea of sand, we walk or take horse, going up to the rim of bromo crater with the destance 1 kilo meters
  • Explore on the rim of bromo, and enjoying the beauty of view 
  • Going down to the Jeep, and heading to teletubies hill and whispering sand during 20 minutes by drive
  • Explore in teletubies hill and whispering sand
  • After satisfied, we return to the hotel for breakfast
  • Around 11 o'clock, check out hotel and heading to surabaya
  • Tour finish

Facilities package :
  • Private car during the trip
  • Hotel 3 nights
  • All entrance fee reservation
  • Breakfast
  • Jeep 4wd
  • Mineral water
  • Speaking English tour guide
  • Toll and parking