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Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights

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One of the packages that are very popular for every traveler. These two tourist destinations have the same characteristics, namely the natural beauty of the mountains. But between the two mountains has its own advantages. Mount Bromo tourism is famous for the beauty of the sunrise, while Mount Ijen Crater has the beauty of the green acid lake.

For the schedule or itinerary for the Bromo Ijen package, we serve pick up from Surabaya or Malang city. And if you are located on the island of Bali, we can meet at the port of Banyuwangi, or we will pick you up directly on the island of Bali.

Destination trip:

  1. View point / King Kong hill (Sunrise tour)
  2. Widodaren hills
  3. Bromo crater
  4. Teletubies hill
  5. Whispering sand
  6. Ijen Crater

Following are the details of the Bromo - Ijen Tour package 3 days 2 nights from Surabaya / Malang:

Day 1

  • Our team, will pick up you in hotel, air port or train station
  • Heading  by private car to ijen hotel during 6 hours drive
  • Checkin hotel  in Bondowoso Town and free progam

Day 2

  • Starting at 12 am,  heading to paltuding ( ijen parking area) during 2 hours drive
  • After arriving at paltuding, we are directly to climbing to the top ijen mountain with a distance 3 kilos.
  • After that, we explore the natural phenomenon of blue fire until the sun rises
  • After the sun started to shine, we explored the natural beauty of Ijen Crater, which is a green lake.
  • After the sun started to shine, we explored the natural beauty of Ijen Crater, which is a green lake
  • After the sun started to shine, we explored the natural beauty of Ijen Crater, which is a green lake
  • Than we go back to paltuding (parking area) and return to the hotel
  • After reach in hotel, we take breakfast, clean up and packing.
  • Around 12 pm, checkout hotel and heading to bromo hotel in cemoro lawang village 5 hours drive
  • We arrived at the bromo hotel around the afternoon, checkin and take rest.

Day 3

  • Starting early morning around 3 am, we go to view point 1 by Jeep during 1 hour drive
  • Arrive in parking area in view point 1 we walk to the sunrise spot with a distance 400 meters 
  • We wait until sunrise coming up, around 5 am, we enjoy the beauty of sunrise and bromo panoramic
  • After satisfied, we go back to the Jeep, and heading to bromo sea of sand.
  • Arrive in sea of sand, we walk or riding horse going up to rim of bromo crater with a distance 1 kilo
  • Exploration the beauty of bromo crater, and than return, to the jeep.
  • Still by Jeep, we continue our trip to teletubies hill and whispering sand during 30 minutes
  • Explore the beauty of bromo teletubies hill and whispering sand, after satisfied, going back to the hotel
  • Breakfast, clean up and packing
  • 11 am, heading to Surabaya or Malang city during 3 hours drive
  • Drop off.

 This package, to support by the best facilities:
  • Private car during the trip
  • Accommodation hotel 2 night
  • Jeep 4Wd
  • Bromo entrance fee
  • Local guide in Ijen Crater
  • Speaking English tour guide
  • Breakfast
  • Mineral water
  • Toll and parking fees