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Bromo Ijen Carter Tumpak Sewu Waterfall Surabaya City Tour 5days 4nights

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This trip is a Bromo tour package that combines popular destinations that are often idols for local and foreign tourists, namely Ijen Crater, Tumpak Sewu Waterfall and Surabaya City Tour. 

By choosing the Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Surabaya city tour package, it is very suitable for tourists who have a hobby of adventure or lovers of natural beauty. Of course, by following this journey, it will leave a positive impression. because, the beauty between of them is amazing. To join this package, we serve pick up from Surabaya or Malang city.

Following is the itinerary, Bromo - Ijen - Tumpak Sewu Waterfall Surabaya city tour package 5 days 4 nights:


  • Meeting point or pick up from surabaya atau Malang city. By private car, head to Ijen hotel in Bondowoso Town, during 6 hours
  • Arrive in bondowoso Town, checkin hotel and take rest 


  • Normally, starting tour at 12.00 am, by private car go to paltuding (ijen parking area) during 2 hour.
  • Arrive in paltuding, we immediately climbed to the top of ijen crater for to see (natural phenomena) blue fire.
  • Around 4.00 am, we reach on the top of ijen, we explore the beauty of blue fire 
  • After the sun to come out, we move to other side for to see beauty of ijen green Lake.
  • After satisfied, we going down to paltuding and return to the hotel
  • Breakfast, packing, and prepare check out hotel
  • Around 12.00 pm, check out hotel, and heading to home stay or hotel in tumpak water fall area
  • Check in and take rest


  • Around 7.00 am, take breakfast, and prepare go to water fall
  • 8.00 am going down to water fall by foot during 30 minute
  • Exploration, in tumpak Sewu waterfall
  • After satisfied, we move to nirvana cliff, and green lake. we explore in both places
  • After that, we going up to Goa tetes, we are explore and return to homestay.
  • Packing and check out from the homestay
  • By private car, we go to bromo hotel during 3 hours
  • Check in hotel and free program / take rest


  • Starting at 3.00 am, by Jeep we go to view point 1 for see the sunrise
  • Arrive in view point, we explore the nice view of bromo sunrise and bromo panoramic from view point on top
  • After satisfied, still by Jeep we head to bromo sea of sand
  • Arrive in sea of sand, we walk or riding horse going up to rim of bromo crater
  • After satisfied, we going down to sea of sand.
  • Still by a Jeep we move to teletubies hill and whispering sand
  • Explore in teletubies hill and whispering sand
  • We back to the hotel, take breakfast, and packing
  • Maximum 12.00 pm, check out hotel and heading to surabaya city
  • Check in hotel and free program


  • Around 7.00 am, take breakfast, and packing 
  • Check out hotel, and go around in surabaya city for shoping or go to sampurna museum
  • Head to airport, and tour finish

Facilities package :
  • Private car during the trip
  • Hotel 4 nights
  • All entrance fee reservation
  • Breakfast
  • Jeep 4wd
  • Local Guide in Ijen and Tumpak Sewu
  • Mineral water
  • Speaking English tour guide
  • Toll and parking