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Bromo Ijen Crater Rafting Songa Tour package 4days 3nights

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This is one of the complete packages that offer Bromo tours combined with destinations that basically have amazing extraordinary. 

Ijen crater is famous for its blue fire, Mount Bromo has a charming sunrise and rafting on the Pekalen, of course it can sharpen our guts, as long as we cross the Pekalen  river which has quite an extreme current. This package is very suitable, if we travel with more than five participants, because, it will be more exciting when we are rafting.

for those of you who are interested in joining the Bromo Ijen and rafting packages, we provide a pick-up service from Surabaya or Malang city or if you are located on the island of Bali, we can meet at the Banyuwangi port.

Bromo Destination Program :

  1. View point (sunrise tour)
  2. Bromo crater
  3. Teletubies hill
  4. Whispering sand 
  5. Mentigen hill (milky Way hunt)

Ijen Destination Program :

  1. Ijen crater 
  2. Coffe plantion
  3. Kali pait

Extra Destination :

  1. Pekalen rafting

For more details, the Bromo - Ijen - Rafting Tour 4 Days 3 Days route, we will provide details of the itinerary as follows:

Day 1

  • Pick up service in surabaya or Malang city
  • Heading to ijen hotel during 6 hours drive
  • Checkin hotel and free program


  • At 12.00 am our team, will bring you to paltuding (ijen parking area) by car during 2 hour
  • Arriving in paltuding, we  climbing to the ijen on top with a destance 3 kilos
  • Arriving at the top of Ijen Crater, we explore the beauty of the natural phenomenon of the Blue Fire Ijen Crater until the sun come out.
  • After satisfied with the blue fire, we explore the beauty of green lake 
  • At 7.00 am we going down to paltuding (parking area) and return to the hotel while visiting  to kali pait (bitter river)  and coffee plantation in belawan village
  • Around 10 o'clock arrived at the hotel, we take breakfast and packed
  • 11.30 am check out hotel and heading to Pekalen Rafting during 3 hours drive
  • Arriving in Pekalen base camp, preparation for rafting during 15 minutes
  • Heading to river and direct play rafting on the Pekalen river with the destance 12 kilos.
  • After finishing the rafting, we clean up and eat at the same time with a typical Javanese menu served by the rafting management.
  • Heading to bromo hotel during 2 hours, check in and free program.


  • Start 3 am, by Jeep 4wd heading to view point 1 during 1 hour drive
  • 4 am from the Jeep parking, we walking distance of 400 meters to sunrise spot
  • We waiting until sunrise coming up
  • Around 5 am we enjoying the beauty of sunrise view and bromo panoramic
  • After satisfied we return to the Jeep, and contineu to bromo sea of sand 
  • Reaching in sea of sand, we walking / by horse to rim of bromo distance of 1 km
  • Exploration on the rim of bromo, after satisfied, we going back to the Jeep
  • Still by Jeep heading to teletubies hill and whispering sand, during 30 minutes
  • Exploration in teletubies hill and whispering sand
  • Return to hotel, breakfast and take rest.


  • Around 12.00 am, we go to mentigen hill for hunt of bromo milky Way
  • Exploration the bromo milky Way untill satisfied
  • Back to hotel, and take rest
  • Around 7.00 am take breakfast, and packing
  • After that, check out hotel in bromo, and heading to surabaya
  • Tour finish

Facilities package :

  • Private car during the trip
  • Hotel
  • All entrance fee reservation
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch 1 time in Pekalen river
  • Jeep 4wd
  • Mineral water
  • Speaking English tour guide
  • Toll and parking